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Current Techniques and Applications
(ONLINE - 18 Hours / 3 Days)

Instructor: Assoc. Dr. C. Öcal FIDANBOYCertified CMMI V.2.0 Assoc.

Purpose of Education

The purpose of this training is; basic principles of software process management, features of the software process,Classification of software processes, process hierarchy, improvement logic in software process management, prescriptive process models, descriptive process models, process modeling notation and tools are introduced and an overview of current process management models and standards is provided. Also in education; Software process mining, one of the most current techniques in software process improvement, is explained and examples are made with PROCM software. ISO / IEC 12207 process management applications are also included in the training with the Projeqtor tool, which is an up-to-date tool.

Who Should Participate?

Process Managers, Process Management Officers, Process Experts, SEPG Members, Quality Managers, Quality Experts, Quality Assurance Officers, Project Managers, Software/System Development Experts, IT Project Managers and IT Engineers and Personnel, undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the subject.


Participants in the training;

They have knowledge about the basic concepts of software process management.

software process management They get a general idea of how to apply it.

They understand process mining, a current technique in software process management, and apply a CASE tool on this subject.

They make a software process management application with the Projeqtor tool.

Educational content

Module 1: Introduction to Software Process Management -I

• Understanding Process Management

• Process Management in the Software Industry

• What is the Software Process?

• Features of Software Processes

• Classification of Software Processes

•  Process Hierarchy

•  Improvement Logic in Software Process Management

•  Summary

•  Module Evaluation 

Module 2: Introduction to Software Process Management - II

• Presctiptive Process Models

• Descriptive Process Models

• Process Modeling Notation and Tools

• Software Lifecycle Processes

• Overview of Current Process Management Models and Standards

• Summary

• Module Evaluation

Module 3: A Contemporary Process Improvement Method in Software Process Management: Process Mining

• What is Process Mining?

• The Importance of Process Mining in Software Process Improvement

• Process Mining Techniques (Process Discovery, Compliance Checking and Development)

• Process Mining Algorithms (Alpha Mining Algorithm, Heuristic Mining Algorithm, Genetic Mining Algorithm, Fuzzy Mining Algorithm)

• Summary

• Module Evaluation

Module 4: Process Mining Application in Software Process Improvement

• Understanding the ProM (free) process mining tool

• A process mining application with event logs

• Summary

• Module Evaluation

Module 5: Overview of Software Lifecycle Processes for Software Process Management

• Understanding Software Lifecycle Processes

• Overview of ISO/IEC 12207:2017 Standard Processes

• Summary

• Module Evaluation

Module 6: A Sample Software for Software Process Management

• Overview of ProjeQtor Software for Software Process Management (free)

• Process management application on ProjeQtor Tool with ISO/IEC 12207:2017 Process

• Summary

• Module Evaluation

Note: All participants in the training are given a "Training Participation Certificate" approved by Fidanboy Academy.

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