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Author: Dr. C. Öcal FIDANBOY 

ISBN: 9786258373622

Publisher: Criterion

Publication Year: 2022 - 1st Edition

From the Promotional Bulletin

We are becoming more digital every day. As information technologies enter every aspect of our lives and remote working methods are adopted as a new way of working, our business and private lives have become increasingly intertwined. Feelings such as stress and burnout that we experience due to workaholism are increasing day by day... We have now become individuals who spend almost every hour of the day working... When we consider that our future workplaces will be in the virtual universe (metaverse), we see how great a danger workaholism is to our happiness in the digital business world. It is clearly seen that it will create...

Will we give up on ourselves by becoming more digital in the future (as if it wasn't enough that we are moving away from our family, friends and the social environment that makes us who we are!)? How long will we be able to stay away from workaholism in an increasingly digital world? Or will we turn into ultra-chronic workaholics who give up all the beauties and happiness of life? So, is it possible to be both a workaholic and happy? This book explains workaholism in all its aspects and gives you useful theories and practical prescriptions to overcome the problems that may arise in the future with the least damage and to be among the happy workaholics of the digital age.


Basic Ability Based


Author: Dr. C. Öcal FIDANBOY 

ISBN: 9786056719608

Publisher: Fidanboy Publishing

Publication Year: 2017 - 1st Edition

From the Promotional Bulletin
Rapid changes in technology and information management; It requires organizations carrying out R&D activities to reconsider their management strategies with correct and effective approaches. Determining R&D management strategies mostly by taking the external environment into account significantly limits the benefits of these strategies to the organization. Strategic management approaches; While it emphasizes external environmental analysis at the highest level in helping organizations achieve their strategic goals, it also advocates the vital importance of the internal environment.
It is a known fact that the basic elements of R&D are humans, creative brain power and the basic abilities acquired as a result of this brain power. Management strategies to be put forward for R&D companies; In addition to external environmental analysis, it should be developed with performance measurements determined within the framework of basic talent-based approaches. Improving R&D policies by considering them in terms of basic capabilities; It will provide positive developments in increasing national R&D performance by bringing about more effective practices.
This book; It emphasizes the importance of core competencies for R&D companies, draws attention to the relationship of common and priority core competencies with R&D performance, and proposes some strategic approaches that can be evaluated in the context of national R&D policies, together with the hypotheses put forward and the analysis results of these hypotheses. 

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