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INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED (ScrumStudy - SFCTM Certified) (ONLINE -  6 Hours)
(It will be possible to participate in the Certificate Exam with the Accompaniment of the Instructor in the last hour of the training).

Purpose of Education

This  certificate training is carried out with asynchronous and synchronous remote (online) certificate preparation trainings under the management of our expert trainers authorized by SCRUMStudy™.

 who joined the team and passed the international online exam to be held in the last hour of the training (accompanied by the instructor). Participants gain a professional competence that is highly sought after, especially in the IT sector.

Who Should Participate?

Quality Managers, Quality Experts, Quality Assurance Officers, Software/System Development Specialists, IT Project Managers and IT Engineers and Staff, undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the subject.


Participants in the training;

They gain knowledge about the basic concepts of the SCRUM model.

They get a general idea about how to apply SCRUM in companies.

They know and interpret SCRUM processes and process details.

Detailed Information About the International Certificate Exam

1-Remote (online) certification exam preparation training: After you register to the program and log in to the SCRUMStudy™ official site, of which we are the official partner, you will start to benefit from the professional SCRUM preparation training e-learning platform. This platform has a very rich content; It includes many professional training videos, sample questions, digital access to the SBOK™ (Scrum Body of Knowledge) Guide and other e-learning materials. SBOK™ has rich content that can take you to all professional SCRUM certifications in your project management career. You can access the distance education platform we mentioned for 180 days and take the official certification exams whenever you feel ready during this period.

2-Live virtual classroom training given by our authorized SCRUM trainers: In the live virtual classes to be held by our SCRUMstudy™, SCT™ approved official trainers, all details about the exams will be explained and examples of questions that can be asked in the certification exams will be discussed. Live virtual classes will be held before each certification exam. There will be a live virtual classroom lesson before the SFC™ exam (3 lessons in total), and a live virtual classroom lesson will be held before the SDC™ exam (3 lessons in total). The duration of each online virtual class is 40 minutes. In addition, our authorized SCRUM trainer will provide 24/7 certification exam preparation support to answer your questions regarding the certification exams by phone.

3-Right to enter international certification exams (3 times) online: You can take international certification exams at any time you feel ready within 180 days. The Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC™) exam is not a remote exam. Therefore, you can benefit from all documents, notes or internet facilities while obtaining your first certificate. In addition, the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) exam is carried out as a remotely controlled (proctored exam). You have three free passes to the online certification exams. As a result of these rights, the success rate in exams is over 95%. If you make the necessary preparations with our distance preparation training, you can be sure that you will pass the certification exams successfully. Certificate exams are held in English, and intermediate level knowledge of English is sufficient to pass the exams. 

Important Note: As SCRUMStudy™ authorized training and certification provider, your website login registrations for distance preparation training and certification rights are required to be made by our authorized trainers (SCT™). Otherwise, unfortunately, it is not possible for you to benefit from the discounted fees we provide as a partner. Participants' login registrations to the distance education website will be made by our instructors (SCT™) authorized by SCRUMStudy™ and the necessary information (username and password) will be sent to you by e-mail.

About SCRUM Fundamentals (SFC™) Certification Exam Format:

*Multiple choice questions

*Total 40 questions

*Exam Pass Score: 75/100 

*No negative points for incorrect answers 

*Exam duration: 60 minutes

About SCRUM Developer (SDC™) Certification Exam Format:

*Multiple choice questions

*75 questions in total

*No negative points for incorrect answers 

*Exam duration: 90 minutes

*Remotely controlled (proctored) exam 

*Current exam pass rate: 98% (if the classroom training is carefully listened to and followed, a high pass success rate can be achieved at the first time.)

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