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ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) Training

Course Price

1.500 TL (VAT included)

course length

18 Hours (3 days)

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ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) Training


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About the course

The purpose of this training is; To provide theoretical and practical information about the minimum requirements of SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination Model (Level 1-2-3). During the training process, the basic concepts of the SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) evaluation model are primarily explained. Then, the purposes of the processes in the SPICE process groups are examined on the basis of the expected results from the process applications and the basic practices within each process. At the end of the training, it is aimed that the participants will be informed about all minimum practices up to the third level within the scope of the SPICE (ISO/IEC 12207) model and the current applications of these practices. During the training, basic information about SPICE Evaluation Software (free) and IBM-EPF (Eclipce Process Framework) Process Modeling Software (free) and SPICE model applications and software process improvements are provided upon the participants' requests.

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