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CMMI V.2.0
(Integrated Capability Maturity Model)

Instructor: Assoc. Dr. C. Öcal FIDANBOYCertified CMMI V.2.0 Assoc.

Purpose of Education

The purpose of this training is; To raise awareness about CMMI V.2.0 (Integrated Capability Maturity Model - New Version), the basic  To give basic information about its structure, category areas and application areas and to explain the differences between it and CMMI V.1.3 version. (This training does not have an official training status within the scope of CMMI studies and practices, but only aims to provide basic information and raise awareness at a basic level for process improvement studies to be carried out in software development companies.

Who Should Participate?

Quality Managers, Quality Experts, Quality Assurance Officers, Process Improvement Managers, Process Improvement Experts, SEPG members, Configuration Managers, Configuration Management Officers, Project Managers, Software/System Development Experts, IT Project Managers and IT Engineers and Personnel, undergraduates who are interested in the subject and graduate students.


Participants in the training;

They gain knowledge about the basic structure and basic concepts of the model.

They get a general idea of the differences between the new version and the old version.

They understand process improvement principles from the model's perspective.

They have knowledge about software process improvement logic.

They have knowledge about CASE tools that can be used in software process improvement.

Educational content

Module 1: Process Improvement Overview - Basic Roadmap

•What do CMMI-based improvements provide to a company?

What does the CMMI product suite consist of?

•How to transform corporate goals into performance goals?
•How are existing company processes mapped to model applications?
•What method should be followed when starting process improvement studies?
•How should a process improvement action plan be created?

•How to disseminate process-based improvements and measurement results?

•How should talent and performance be measured?

•Overview of Training Design

•Summary and Module Evaluation

Module 2: Overview of Model Structure and Application Logic

• What do Classification, Field of Ability and Field of Application mean?

• What classifications are in the model?

• What skill areas does the model consist of?

• What are the application areas in the model?
• How to define and solve problems according to the model?
• How should a sample process be written?

• Example how to write a process?

• What does evaluation mean??

• How to become an evaluation team memberr?

• How many types of evaluations are there??

• What does benchmarking mean?

Note: All participants in the training are given a "Training Participation Certificate" approved by Fidanboy Academy.

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