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Introduction to Software Quality and Process Management (Free)

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Hello! Welcome to Introduction to Software Quality and Process Management Online Asynchronous Training! In this free training, basic information is given on topics such as the importance of software quality and software process management, why process management is needed in the IT sector, models and standards for software quality management, and software quality assurance in the IT, software and defense sectors, software process management and business in the software industry. Information is provided for those who want to work in roles such as analysts. The main headings of the training content, which consists of a total of 10 sections, are given below: Educational content: * Why is quality important in the software industry? * The role of the Quality Manager in software development. * The importance of Standards and Models. * How is software quality managed? * SDLC and process management. * To be a Software Quality Assurance Specialist. * CMMI, SPICE, ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO 9001:2015 * IT sector in the digital age. * Recommendations about software quality and process management. Total Training Time: Approximately 1 hour (Total video time 32 min. 56 sec. + reading and answering test questions: 30 min.)

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